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People have been enjoying the freedom and comfort their Travel Scooters give them, so we've decided to post a few of their kind words here!  Take a look and see what people are saying!


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My sister and I purchased a foldable scooter (for our aunt in Idaho), and I’ve been meaning to let you know how that turned out. The scooter arrived the day before Mother’s Day so we had time to charge the batteries before presenting it to her. Aunt Adele was ecstatic. The scooter has really helped her get out and take control of her life. It has been a miracle for her. Thank you so very much! 

--Marsha Nipper and Sandra Brow--


I was talked into purchasing my scooter by my friend because I was scared that if I got a scooter then I wouldn't walk as much. I had several surgeries on both knees and I cannot walk for long. I am so glad she did because now I am traveling a lot more across the country. I walk until I can't and then I pull the scooter out. I couldn't be happier with the purchase and will buy a lift soon. 



This scooter was a great purchase for me. It allowed me to spend time with my family, due to my fibromyalgia. I was limited to activities because of frequent pain and tiredness that I was unable to do so many outdoor activities and it really got me down. This scooter SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you for such a wonderful product. The only thing I wish, even though it is light and fold-able, is if it was even lighter and a little smaller. It does barley fit in my trunk of my crossover and maybe more accessible for your electronic device that is used with the USB outlet. Different tire material may be another option, if the grass is wet and at a slight slope there is not a lot of traction, but other than that such a great investment! 

--Joshua Villamor--


I purchased my iliving scooter @ the Utah State Fair in 2017 and I am so very happy with it. I had purchased a scooter prior to this and it just quit on me for unexplained reasons. So I had to rent a scooter when I went to the Utah State Fair for $25.00 or so much more per hour. I happened upon the site where your representative was promoting your scooters. He asked me to try it out for awhile while I was there. I was really impressed and when I saw that it had a lift, I decided to purchase your scooter. It has proved to be a blessing for me with my bad knees, as I cannot walk for long distances like going to the fair. I used it @ a Home Show in January and Lisa was kind enough to help me get a set of keys, since I had lost mine and I was then able to use my scooter to go to the Home Show. I also used it at the Licensing Convention in May 2018 in Las Vegas where my son was working and it was truly the best I have ever used anywhere. My son was able to switch the batteries when I needed it and I am so happy with my scooter. I plan on taking it with me to my Garfield Collector's convention in Hershey, PA next year in June. This will help me so much to be able to attend our outing @ Hershey Park. I would not have gone to that if I did not have this wonderful scooter. I highly recommend it to anyone who has difficulty in attending fairs, home shows, or going with their families to a theme park. It really is fantastic and I love my iliving scooter!!

--Jerri Wolder--


It makes getting around easier.

--Michal T--


I ride it around all the time. This is my first time at the event riding around.

--Howard M--


I love it, I take this thing everywhere. I've taken it to Disney world, MGM Grand, the Ford museum and all over town. I haven't had a single problem with it. I had never owned a scooter before, I had just used rentals and I have to say, this is so much better. The size is perfect. I can take it to a restaurant and just put it right next to me, other people hardly even notice it. People will stop me when I'm out and they just can't believe it. They can't believe it folds so easily and how light it is. It doesn't hardly weigh anything.

--Alton B--


It works great, it flies.

--Robert J--


I have bad knees and it has allowed me to go to all the events that I love.

--Peggy T--


Very happy with it. We just came back from Toronto Canada, very easy to load and very easy to unload.

--Richard S--


On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 15. It has really allowed me to get from point A to point B without a walker, without making me out of breath. I can get anywhere I need to and I just cruise.

--Kimberly R--


It's been amazing, I would definitely recommend this scooter to others. It gives you this sense of freedom, I set it up and I'm good to go. I feel much better going to places knowing that I don't need to rely on renting one. It allows me to get out more with my family, without needing someone to wheel me around.

--Lois G--


I love that it compacts and fits into the trunk. I love that I can adjust the speed so easily. It's very versatile.

--Joshua V--


It runs really well, when my wife uses it, I just can't keep up with it.

--Nancy E--


I love it, I absolutely love it.

--Edie S--


I don't drive a car, so it helps when I can drive this. I use it everyday and it gives me all the freedom I need. This has definitely changed my life and it helps me to live independently.

--Donna F--


I am ecstatic over this scooter, it has come in handy so often.

--Frances N--


I love how it folds up so nicely and goes in the car. The scooter we had previously had to be disassembled into four pieces first and this is just so much easier.

--Beverly & James E--


I'm loving it. I've been through gravel and grass and it works great. The scooter relieves the burden on my husband and keeps him from having to push me around otherwise. Realistically, with a chronic condition, it was just a necessity.

--Gina W--


I'm really loving it. It's really great. Next year I am going to Hershey PA for my Garfest convention, and we are going to Hershey Park as one of our outings, so I will make sure to take my scooter with me. Again, it will save me money and I can enjoy myself more by going along with my friends. I always take it when I visit my son in Las Vegas as he goes to all the conventions there and I was so happy to save money by having my own scooter in May this year. I could never walk those convention halls nor the Fair Park tomorrow.

--Jerri W--


I took it to New Orleans and took it all over the place. I took it to an amusement park with my great grandchildren just last weekend.

--William H--


Everything is great. We travel with it and use it all the time. We've been to Hawaii and it worked great. We took it on the plane. It's a great deal, we're glad we were able to do it. I use it all the time, especially locally. We go to the zoo and hey, it's great. We get the grandkids and I can keep up them. I just enjoy it tremendously. Lisa came up to the house and fixed it for me.

--Lynn V--


It's given him so much freedom. He went missing on the streets of New Orleans. Each day, when I would leave the hotel for my conference, he would go touring. We've been to Houston, New Orleans, everywhere. We took it with us to the airport and brought it right up to the gate. Even when we went to Houston, the battery lasted us the entire trip. We even ubered with it in New Orleans.

--Rosemary R--


We take it all over with us, even on cruise ships.

--Gary & Patricia B--


We love it. It's the only scooter we can actually fit in our car. I still don't think there is another product out there that could be better.

--Grace F--


I love my scooter, it's the only way I get around. I take it to stores, a lot have scooters, but there are others that don't. They're light and we can lift it easily. It goes faster than a person can run, I know because I've outrun people. It's a wonderful little device. I can't tell you how much it's increased my mobility.

--Phillip P--


I'm perfectly happy with it.

--Shirley K--


I love my scooter. And it's actually saved me a lot of money, it's paid for itself already. It's kept me from having to buy a scooter-accessible vehicle which has saved about $60,000, rental vans, which due to the amount we've traveled has saved another $5,000 and rental scooters each time we visit events, which would be another $1,000. I am so happy I have this. When we go out and need to rent scooters, they become very costly. Not only that, but they aren't always available. Using it when we fly, we save $900/week. We use this scooter for my husband rather than his old one. We have to pay $900/week for an accessible vehicle for our other scooters. We were able to just rent a regular van. We took it to Hawaii, to Florida, it would have cost us $5000 in van rentals.

--Karen R--


I am very happy with it. I use it all the time. I see a lot of things I wouldn't normally see.

--Betty L--


I'm not used to receiving such good service.

--Daniel B--


I absolutely love my scooter. I bought another scooter before this one and I had to break it all down to transport it. And the pricing was about the same as this. The representative that sold me the scooter was fantastic. She did happen to call me after I left and informed me that I had been overcharged. She told me to come and collect the difference. It was only a small amount, but it meant a lot to me that she was so honest. It's lightweight. It's just fits in your car. I have a Ford Fusion and it fits right in the trunk, even with a suitcase, a chest, travel bag, everything. Everything fits in so easily. I can also really enjoy the events now without worrying about the distance. I'll be able to get back to my car without crying. It's put my in tears to get back my car at these events before this scooter. It would be about 20 feet before I'd have to stop and rest. The scooter has made them much more enjoyable.

--Alma H--


I just love it. I take it to the flea market, concerts, everywhere.

--Robert R--

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