Q:  Are the scooter tires flat-free?

A:  Yes, the tires on our scooters are solid rubber.  There is no air inside the tires, which prevents you from ever having deflated tires. 


Q:  Does the scooter drive on gravel?

A:  Yes, the scooters will drive on loose gravel, however, we do not advise attempting to drive your scooter over large rocks, uneven surfaces, or other uneven terrains.  They are not meant for "off-roading".


Q: Does the scooter drive in snow/rain?

A: The scooter was not designed to be driven in a snow/rain environment, as wetness may damage the electrical components of the scooter. Additionally, driving in bad weather conditions can be a serious safety issue for the driver as the scooter may lose traction at times.


Q:  How many batteries does the scooter come with?

A:  The scooter comes with one battery, but you may purchase additional batteries by clicking HERE. The scooter has two battery compartments, so you can double your range by purchasing an additional battery.


Q: Is the scooter able to go uphill or downhill?

A: Yes, the scooter supports up to 8 degrees of incline/decline. We recommend you leaning forward and not sit against the backrest of the seat in an incline situation, as it will help with the scooters center of gravity and prevent tipping incidents.


Q:  How much is an additional battery?

A:  One battery normally retails for $550.  Please see the retail sheet for prices.  Packages are on sale at show pricing only for the show.


Q:  How much does an extra key cost?

A:  Each scooter comes with two keys, and each additional replacement key is $25.00. Click HERE to shop keys.


Q:  What is the warranty on my scooter?

A:  We offer a three-year warranty on our frame, which is longer than most other warranties because we use aircraft-grade aluminum which is lightweight and sturdy.  You also receive a one year warranty on all electrical and motor parts, as well as a 6-month warranty on the battery.


Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  We will pay the shipping costs in 48 of the US States.  Alaska and Hawaii unfortunately will require additional shipping costs. Please provide us with an exact address to get a door-to-door shipping quote.  We ship via FedEx that  requires a signature for delivery.


Q:  How do I perform maintenance on my scooter?

A:  Our scooters are made to be as maintenance free as possible.  You do not need to oil it, change the tires, or service it.  Our flat-free tires ensure you do not have to change a flat


Q: How much does the Scooter weigh?

A:  Our scooter is only 53 lbs.  Each battery weighs only 3.8 lbs


Q:  What's the scooter's weight capacity?

A:  The manufactured warranty covered weight limit is 300 lbs.


Q:  What type of battery does the scooter use? 

A:  We use a proprietary 24V Lithium-Ion Battery (Dry Cell)


Q:  Are the batteries safe for airline transportation?

A:  Yes, our batteries have been approved for use inside airports and on airlines.  Our Scooter batteries have passed the UN 38.3 battery safety test.


Q:  How far does a full charge take you?

A:  Estimated at 14 miles on one fully charged battery, but each individual case may be different depending on weight, incline, and ground surface.


Q:  What is the lifetime of a battery?

A:  The battery has a lifetime of about 500 charging cycles.  Essentially, you can travel thousands of miles before you'd ever have to replace the battery. 


Q:  Do I need to check-in my scooter at the airport?

A:  That depends on the airline, some airlines allow travelers to drive all the way up to the gate, but we recommend calling your airline in advance to check


Q:  Can I pay for it using Medical Insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, or other Insurance Plans?

A:  At the moment, our scooters are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.  We aren't aware of any insurance plans that do cover our scooters, but we advise consulting your insurance provider.  Some insurance providers may reimburse you for partial cost of a scooter, but we do not handle any insurance paperwork nor do we bill via any insurance code yet. However, if you get a prescription from your doctor, you may be eligible to purchase it exempt from sales taxes.


Q: Do you have financing options available?

A: Yes! We offer $0 down 0% APR financing. Simply call us at (385) 393-4646 to find out how we can help, or apply HERE and we will get back to you.


SHIPPING POLICY is FREE in the 48 contiguous US.  Alaska and Hawaii have additional shipping costs.

For Alaska, Hawaii and other international shipping questions, please message us or call us for a shipping quote. 

We ship via FedEx Ground. Your order takes 1-3 days to process and 3-5 business days to arrive. A signature is required for delivery. 



If you purchased the scooter online and are not satisfied with your scooter, you may return it within 14 days. Customers are also subject to a 15% restocking fee for returns. Customer pays return shipping. The scooter must be in the original condition with original packaging. We recommend you use a service with tracking and insurance, we are not responsible for shipping damages back to us. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns prior to purchase. We will be happy to provide detailed instructions for your return. 

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