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The Premium
Lightweight Mobility Scooter

There’s a lot of qualities that make up a good mobility scooter. It’s portability, it’s ease of use, it’s functionality and even its weight and size. That’s why we’re proud to show you the iLiving i3 Travel Scooter, specifically designed to solve all your travel needs.

The i3 Travel Scooter enables you to go anywhere you desire because of its lightweight and ultra compact design. It’s quick and simple folding capabilities allow you to easily travel with your scooter in a car, bus, plane, RV or cruise ship

iLiving i3 Scooter will change your life TODAY

How to Use

iLiving Features -Everything You Need to Travel With Ease

iLiving mobility scooters feature a number of benefits that allow you to enhance your travel experience and enjoy more time with family. 

Our Scooter’s Features

The i3 Travel Scooter has a number of innovative design changes that will propel you farther during your next outing.  Here’s a quick video showcasing how the i3 TravelScooter will change the way you travel.

Full of Features

  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Weighs only 53 pounds and supports up to 300 pounds
  • Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet
  • Lithium-ion battery can travel up to 14 miles
  • Unique second battery option that enables you to go an additional 14
  • FAA cleared for the airlines travel
  • Upgradeable seat for ultra comfort
  • Requires almost no maintenance and made out of durable material
  • Is the most convenient, innovative and portable mobility device on the market today

Why Buy Through Us

iLiving Travel Scooters is a national brand but offers the service like that of a local business, which means you get the benefit of having a friendly interaction, and we offer some of the best policies for your purchase.  Best of all, our trained staff are available to answer all your scooter questions.

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

We are confident that your entire family will truly benefit from this purchase. See how a few minutes on the phone can make a huge change in your lives. 

Go Almost Anywhere

Our scooters are built to handle all of your mobile needs and go almost anywhere, on almost any form of transportation to your destination. Don’t let a mobility issue repress your desire to see the world and travel to places with your family. iLiving mobility scooters are designed with travel in mind, allowing you to regain your freedom.

Regulations for Travel

iLiving i3 mobile scooters meets all FAA regulations for air travel which means you can effortlessly ride your scooter through security all the way to the gate. Our ultra lightweight design allows for a smooth travel experience, taking you everywhere you want to go.

When you are flying or cruising, the size of the i3 Travel Scooter allows for easy navigation, and its compact foldable design allows for simple storage. iLiving i3 scooters fold up in three seconds, allowing easy storage in your car, a plane or a cruise ship with limited space.

Customers Love Our Scooters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you bring a scooter on a plane?

A: Yes. Our scooters are lightweight and travel very easily on a plane. You can check it at the counter or ride it to the gate.

Q: Are the scooter tires flat-free?

A: Yes, the tires on our scooters are solid rubber. There is no air inside the tires, which prevents you from ever having deflated tires.

Q: Does the scooter fit into a car?

A: Yes. Our scooters fold-up and fit into most vehicles very easy. Great for your RV, car and can go anywhere you need it.

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